Flemish user committee

As an ad hoc association of companies and organizations with a common interest in the proposed research project, most of the members from the user side have a good practical knowledge of the needs and restrictions concerning application in their plant.

SMEs are often confronted with challenges such as new security or environmental norms, new materials, or the need to innovate their production processes. Most SMEs lack financial and personnel resources to perform research activities that would be necessary to tackle these issues. This CORNET project offers the solution: several enterprises of the same branch (or even across sectors) with a common pre-competitive problem join forces within a project consortium. The project consortium receives funding for assigning the research organisations with the task of solving their problem. Within some of the member companies, case studies will be defined.

The composition of the FLUG is project dependant, but as the target group of this  proposal has some overlap with the ones of previous projects, initiated by UGent–TEI, some of the proposed members are already familiar with this kind of research projects and know what they can expect from it.  By this way, additional industrial sectors are represented, for instance animal food production, chemical industry etc.

The FLUG is administratively hosted at UGent-TEI but has an own president, elected by the members between the candidates for it. The members of FLUG are (to be updated):